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Useful information


What is a Joule?

Unit of energy equal to mechanical work done by one newton force, when its point of application moves one meter in the direction and strength purposes. In translation:
it is a measure used to calculate the power of weapons and it's more accurate. It is calculated by combining the weight and speed projectile to measure the force with which it will hit the target. The higher the number of joules with both the more powerful weapon.

What is Hop Up?

Hop Up System or Spinup give extra spin ball, while it passes through the gun barrel. This reduces the effects of gravity on the ball and increases the distance the ball will go.

What are the spring weapons?

The vast majority are semi automatic weapons. A spring compresses a cylinder when it pull the top of the gun. When pressing the trigger spring is released and a blast of air hits the ball.
Spring Weapons can be the most accurate and reliable of airsoft weapons.

We have a shop on the street?

Yes. We have three stores in Bucharest:
TOP GUN DIHAM: Bucharest, bd.Basarabia nr.170-176, sect.3.
TOP GUN MIHAI BRAVU: Bucharest, sos.Mihai Bravu nr.27, sect.2.
TOP GUN DOAMNEI: Bucharest, str.Doamnei nr.18, sect.3

How does gas weapons?

Gas guns use a compressed gas and silicon mixture, named green gas, like a gun-lock. Most guns are semi automatic gas and full automatic. Models of gas blowback weapons, gas is released to launch the ball forward and upper back, to mimic the action of a real weapon.

How does electric weapons?

Most electric guns are semi automatic and full automatic. A little engine put in place a mechanism (gear box) which compresses a cylinder, which in turn compressed air. Also this kind of weapons are very reliable. An electric gun is powered by a rechargeable Ni Cd / Ni Mh / LiPoly.

What type of full automatic fire?

When the trigger is held down, gun will shoot up until the trigger is released.

What is type of semi automatic firing?

Means that when the trigger is pressed, gun will fire once.

Warning! Gas an electrical replies require maintenance( lubrication and cleaning )! Use only silicone oils( are available to buy in our store )! For detailed maintenance mode please contact us for each product separately!

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