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PAINT-BALL REPLIES , AIRSOFT REPLIES ARE NO SUBJECT FOR AUTHORIZATION according the romanian law 295/2004 and can be ordered online.
Product code:032
PRICE: 150,00 lei
    Body diameter:18 mm
Head diameter: 25,4 mm
Led: 3 watt
Length of light beam: aprox. 101 m
Duration of continuous use:
- mod Peak Power: aprox. 18h
- mod 25% Power: aprox. 31h
Beam intensity: 69 lumeni
-phase high intensity light, adjustable (from spot to large radius
-interior and exterior anodized for maximum corrosion resistance
-moisture resistance and waterproof

New technology brings new benefits SP22 use flashlight:
1. New Switch - multiple mode:
• Peak Power - Where necessary peak performance.
• 25% Power - Low light
• Blink Mode - blinks about once per second
• S.O.S. - Used to use Morse Code

2. New Luxeon Rebel LED high performance and a more powerful light beam that focuses simply by rotating the head.

3. Balanced Optics ™, combining a highly refined reflector with improved performance ( new LED΄s ), obtaining a high intensity output

4. An intelligent power supply management redefining a concept pioneered by Mag Instrument, the second generation 2 Cell AA Flashlight electronic allows the user to choose the power level.

5. The new switch offers two settings are multiple different power: a setting to generate maximum power and a maximum brightness of 25% power, conserving battery power setting that allows for reading at night or for extended emergency

6. Extended battery life in comparison with the first generation Mini Maglite ® 2AA flashlight with LED΄s, flashlight offers a new generation of improved performance on battery longevity, even in full power mode and power setting of 25%, a new set of batteries should last no problems about a few days of operation.
Weight: Weight with battery: 117,75 gr
Length: 167,8 mm
Guarantee: 10 years (without bulbs and batteries)
Color (appearance): BLACK
Battery: 2x LR6
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