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PAINT-BALL REPLIES , AIRSOFT REPLIES ARE NO SUBJECT FOR AUTHORIZATION according the romanian law 295/2004 and can be ordered online.
Product code:031
PRICE: 290,00 lei
XL100TM flashlight is activated by pressing and leaving open the switch of the rear end.The light can be extinguished by a click followed by letting the free button. Operation ON / OFF of the push occurs when the initial switch takes less than 1 second.
﹡ Normal (ON / OFF) – Variable brightness
﹡ Strobe – Variable strobe
﹡ Nite Lite (Night light) – Automatically lowers the brightness to the lowest signal.
﹡ Signal – Signal On / Off user initiated
﹡ SOS – Send an SOS in Morse code.

Activation modes:
If you switch the back cover is pressed more than 1 second at the first press will be activated mode of operation.

Selection modes:
To select a mode of operation, the torch should be held horizontal to the ground by drawing the desired mode in the top position, at 12 o΄clock.Mode is activated by pressing and holding the switch more than 1 second.

Adjustment modes:
Turn left or right fist brightness and brightness will vary from maximum to minimum. To achieve desired brightness levels, turn the switch and the flashlight will continue to shine at this level of brightness and blink rate.This adjustment is for the Strobe only. Select drawing ”Strobe” and continuously press the switch. Turn left or right light and blink frequency will vary from maximum to minimum.When you reach the desired rate of blinking, turn the light switch and will continue to flash to the chosen frequency.Can be adjusted by the user.

This feature allows the user to block torch XL100TM (prevents inadvertent operation).To activate, shoot the light to the ceiling, press and hold switch, while light shoot toward the floor. Release the switch, the flashlight is now blocked.Repeat these moves to unlock the flashlight.
Diameter: 2,5 cm

Technical Data:
Length of light beam: 134 m
Duration of continuous use:
- strongly: aprox. 5h 15 min
- a weak: aprox. 201 h
Beam intensity: 83 lumeni

The sturdy aluminum construction, interior and exterior anodization for high corrosion resistance, and resistance to water and shocks, new Maglite flashlight XL100 meets all quality features that professionals and consumers expect from a Mag flashlight.
Detailed warranty and instructions included.
It contains 3 AAA alkaline batteries.

Mag Instrument Inc.. (Mag) guarantees the buyer (with proof of purchase) that this torch has broken into parts or manufacturing for ten years from the date of first purchase in detail.
Weight: with battery: 104 gr
Length: 120 mm
Guarantee: 10 years
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