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acte autorizare port arma

Documents required for obtaining the purchase authorization of non-lethal rubber ball guns and weapons shooting compressed air...
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Documents required for obtaining the purchase authorization of non lethal gas pistols...
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Documents required for obtaining the purchase authorization of hunting shot guns and bullet...
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Terms and conditions

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Website Use Policy's

Use of the Site is only for the purposes which it was created meaning that the sale of products
to customers. To make a purchase through the Site must necessarily be to create an account
with your personal data without which your order will not be processed. These data will be
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By registering in our database at your own risk declare that you agree to the terms and
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Information published on Site

The information on product features, for objective reasons, can occur inconsistent with
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Any action or attempt by an person undertaken in order to change any information on this
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Any litigation between Customer and Company will be resolved amicably. In case you did not
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NG INTERNATIONAL IMPEX SRL assumes no responsibility and can not be held responsible
for damages incur using any product purchased through this site. NG INTERNATIONAL IMPEX SRL
tries to present as fully as possible the marketed products( pictures, technical
characteristics, price ) but due to the large volume of products available in our database,
NG INTERNATIONAL IMPEX SRL does not guarantee that their descriptions or other
content of this site is exactly, completely updated or error-free. Products supplied may differ
from images on the site in any way, due to changes in site design characteristics or by their
manufacturer without notice. Any problems with compatibility between the components
purchased from this site and those that own or will they buy from other sources not subject
Marketing activities and distribution of site's offer is conditional upon the accuracy of
customer data in the order form. NG INTERNATIONAL IMPEX SRL can not be held
responsible in any way for damage or injury resulting from various not keeping order. The
maximum value of obligations to any customer in case of not delivery or improper delivery is
reduced to the amount received from the client.

Service and warranty products

Items purchased through this site have the guarantee offered to each product, specified in
the description. Each product can be purchased will be accompanied by warranty.

Payment and Delivery

CARGUS( NATIONAL PRICE ): 20,50 RON( VAT included ) Delivery by CARGUS
CARGUS( BUCHARET PRICE ): 16,50 RON( VAT included ) Delivery by CARGUS

Shipping by CARGUS will appear on your bill, separately from the value of the product /
products ordered.

Payment methods available, are:

Orders regardless of value, delivery from stock( 24-48 hours ): cash in on a proforma
invoice, to the shipment.

Any invoice issued must be paid within 3 days(for payment with PO / Bank Transfer - if
orders placed by companies ) otherwise the order is automatically canceled.

Attention (not to have disagreement)!:

• legal term delivery of a product is within 30 days;
• delivery time does not include transportation time – it is about the courier;
• can not open packages before their payment;
• not get the warranty without: INVOICE, PO / Receipt / AWB / MANDATE;
• supplies not covered by warranty;
not package will require us to increase shipping charges, handling charges and packing,
which will be calculated for each package separately; we reserve the right to use legal
methods to recover our fees;
• for return merchandise within 10 days, are required to pay round-trip travel expenses
using transport that we have used us;
products are sealed; defects in delivery will be indicated in the shortest possible time by the
client; return products will be borne by us;
• Paintball guns and airsoft type not covered by Law no. 295/2004 on the regime of
weapons and ammunition, as in terms of destination not to be found in Annex law, why you
do not need authorization to purchase, possession and use of these weapons;
• However, their use as self defense weapons for intimidation, threat, etc. can create
great problems.

Products purchased at a distance:

Products purchased at a distance can be returned according to the OG no.130/2000. They
can be returned in original packaging and in same condition they were received, within 10
days of receipt without penalty and without giving any reason. Recall will be at the expense of
customer, using the same transport service that was done sending. SC NG INTERNATIONAL
IMPEX SRL will return the value of command, lowering transport costs within 30 days
of receipt of product. Not accepted for return of changes in physical products, strokes,
chipping, scratches, shocks, etc.

Products with the lack of conformity:

Products are as specified on the site from the time your order can be returned without the
involvement of additional costs from the client, after written notice stating the nature of
the lack of conformity. The customer may request refund or replacement product with
a value according. If SC NG INTERNATIONAL IMPEX SRL can not replace the product
with a compliant equivalent product will be refunded. The cost of transport of the SC NG
the responsibility of the customer. Bringing costs in line( including to the transport ) will be

Non-compliance is not about manufacturing defects.

Products fault:

In the event that products purchased are dysfunctional or have manufacturing defects will be
subject to warranty.

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